The Owner/Designer


Hello and welcome,

I am so grateful that you have clicked your way through the internet and ended up here at my online store. When I started this brand I had a few goals in mind. One was to create a sustainable maternity brand that supports the Canadian economy and reduces our carbon footprint. Another goal was to create high quality pieces that would last through one or multiple babies. The last major goal I had was to offer moms another option for stylish clothing with a specific focus on postpartum and breastfeeding wear.

When I had my daughter Ellie I realized that I had not been prepared for the major change that I would experience, not only physically, but mentally. I found myself struggling to figure out my new identity as a mother, which included my style. I have always been a shopper and feel like my wardrobe is an extension of who I am. I tried on all the flappy and flowy breastfeeding tops that came in every stripe and floral imaginable. They never felt like “me”. After talking to several other moms, I realized they felt the same way. This lead me to start Milky. So here is one more option for you Mamas who are looking to feel your best in the clothes you wear. I hope these clothes bring you comfort and confidence while you take on one of the most challenging and rewarding roles, becoming someone's Mom.

Thank you’s for bringing this brand to life. Shelley Ediger of GarmaTech, who took my ideas and sketches and turned them into real garments. Andrew Bart, for my amazing logo and marketing insight. Khali Wenaus for her creative direction with the branding and booth design. Lynette Photography for making all my garments and models look their absolute best. Alana Ollinger for her help with the photoshoot and behind the scenes photos. My beautiful Mama models (Dayna, Sam, Char, Mallory, Megan, and Mae). My daughter Ellie, who opened my eyes to a whole new world of motherhood. Lastly, my amazing husband Eric, for always supporting my dreams.


Owner & Designer,